treasure hunt fall festival 2018
treasure hunt fall festival 2018

Treasure Hunt Fall Festival 2018 by Group

The new 2018 Fall Festival from Group. Treasure Hunt: Finding ALL You Need in Jesus.

The first step to your best Fall Festival ever!

treasure hunt 2018 starter kit

Treasure Hunt Fall Fest Starter Kit

Fall is a great time to do something special at your church to kick off the new school year — and reach out to your community!

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Event Overview

Treasure Hunt: Adventure Awaits

At Treasure Hunt Fall Fest, kids and families uncover mystery messages, witness volcanic eruptions, and collect treasures along the way! At each station, they'll dig deep into a valuable experience that helps them get to know Jesus in a fresh, new way.

And…as a bonus, Treasure Hunt is a great follow-up to Shipwrecked VBS — you can even use the same decorations! If you didn’t do Shipwrecked VBS, no worries—it works well for any church’s fall activities.

Treasure Hunt is...

- Easy for you — and your volunteers. Everything you need to plan this amazing 2- to 3-hour event is in one convenient kit.

So much fun that kids hate to leave!

A great way to reach your community.

Works for any size church!

How it Works

How it Works

Stations Include:

Welcome Ashore Welcome Ashore

Greet families and give them a Fall Fest Bag to keep their treats safe and sound!
Best Friend Beach Best Friend Beach

Kids and families find a sand dollar’s hidden treasure and create customized Best Friend Bands to remind them that Jesus is always with them. Through this creative experience, castaways find friendship with Jesus!
Oh No! Volcano Oh No! Volcano

Blood pressures may rise at Oh No! Volcano as castaways watch Mount Mayday erupt. Then they’ll squish and squeeze some Keep Cool Lava and find comfort from Jesus.
The Bamboozled Jungle The Bamboozled Jungle

Flabbergasted castaways find help from Jesus as they decipher a mystery message and discover that Jesus helps us when we’re puzzled. They’ll make their very own Bamboozlers to help others crack a mystery code!
Sandy Seashore Sandy Seashore

Castaways hear the good news about do-overs from Jesus as they play with Safe and Sound Sand. They’ll see how, even when we’re sunk in sin, Jesus gives us a fresh start. Through this grace-filled experience, castaways find do-overs from Jesus.
Power-Up Pier Power-Up Pier

Kids and families power up as they chow down on healthy snacks. They’ll need all the energy they can get to spin the Ship-Shape Wheel and get their blood pumping through exercises that help them find power from Jesus.
Castaway Bay Castaway Bay

Treasure Hunt is packed with fun and excitement. At Castaway Bay, kids and families simply pause, relax, and chat with volunteers who intentionally strike up conversations. It’s a great place to build friendships and share information about your church family.
Island Jam Island Jam

Castaways groove to island tunes and celebrate our Rescuer—Jesus!
Paco's Pictures Paco's Pictures

Families grin and giggle as they pose for a picture with Paco the Parrot. They’ll capture a castaway photo to treasure for years to come.
Treasure Trove Cove Treasure Trove Cove

Kids and families finally find the treasure! They’ll present the five Treasure Coins they’ve collected along the way and receive a Treasure Coin Keeper to store their coins and review discoveries. The Treasure Coin Keeper even contains discoveries to uncover at home!
Little Treasures Little Treasures

In this preschool-friendly area, little ones enjoy activities just for them! Make this area a separate room, or add it to the larger space where the older kids and families will be hunting for treasure.