Walk With Jesus is a powerfully moving outreach event that guides your guests through Jesus’ last days on earth. They will travel to Jerusalem for Palm Sunday, sit down for the Last Supper, pray in the Garden of Gethsemane, discover the sacrifice of Good Friday, and celebrate freedom from their sins at the empty tomb that first Easter morning.

Designed for parents and their children to experience together, this event also works great for all ages and is a powerful way to reach your community. Help guests discover Easter and the events leading up to it in a way they’ll never forget. Lasts two to three hours depending on the number of guests.

Walk With Jesus is great for any size church looking for an inspirational Easter event that engages families with the spiritual truth that Jesus loves each of us. This kit gives you tools you need to help your guests follow Jesus, not only leading up to the cross, but in their daily lives as well.

Walk with Jesus Starter Kit Includes

This kit includes everything you need for planning your event, recruiting volunteers, inviting your church family and community, and easy and effective follow-up.

Director Guide with sections for:
- Preschool Options Guide
- Setup Leader Guide
- Outreach Leader Guide
- Experience Leader Guide

Plus samples of the following:
- Collector Cards Pack
- Family Time Together Booklet
- Praise for Jesus Palms
- Dissolving Paper
- Metal Bracelet

Walk with Jesus - A Family Event for Easter

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Starter Kit - Walk with Jesus - Easter Family Event
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Walk with Jesus - Additional Leader Guide
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