Walk with Jesus Easter Event for FamiliesWalk with Jesus Easter Event for Families

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At Walk With Jesus, you'll bring the Easter story to life!

Walk With Jesus Starter Kit

Walk With Jesus Easter Event Starter Kit

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This Starter kit includes everything you need for planning your inspirational Easter outreach event, recruiting volunteers, inviting your church family and community, and easy and effective follow-up.

Kit includes samples, media pack, and easy-to-follow Director Guide with special sections for set-up & decorating, outreach, leading the experiences at each of the stations, and preschool activities.

Also includes access to digital content and media.

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Event Overview

An Easter Event for Your Entire Church

Walk With Jesus is a powerfully moving outreach event that guides your guests through Jesus’ last days on earth.

They will travel to:

  • Jerusalem for Palm Sunday
  • Sit down for the Last Supper
  • Discover the sacrifice of Good Friday
  • And...celebrate freedom from their sins at the empty tomb that first Easter morning.

Designed for parents and their children to experience together, this event also works great for all ages and is a powerful way to reach your community. Help guests discover Easter and the events leading up to it in a way they’ll never forget. Lasts two to three hours depending on the number of guests.

Walk With Jesus is great for any size church looking for an inspirational Easter event that engages families with the spiritual truth that Jesus loves each of us.

How It Works

Participants will be moved and inspired as they journey through Easter week...

As guests visit each station, they’ll discover the powerful emotions and sacrifice of Jesus’ last days on earth—and experience the joy of His resurrection!

Station 1 - Palm Sunday
Station 2 - The Last Supper
Station 3 - Gethsemane
Station 4 - Good Friday
Station 5 - Resurrection

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Walk With Jesus — Helping Families Experience Easter

This inspiring event gives you the tools to help your guests follow Jesus through His last days on earth—and in their daily lives.

Walk with Jesus lasts 2- to 3-hours (depending on the size of your church), engages both young and old alike, and is perfect for families to experience together. Each station includes powerful activities and they’ll take home special keepsakes that serve as reminders of Jesus’ tremendous sacrifice and love for them.

Your church and community will thank you for bringing them this engaging Easter program.

Stations Include

Palm Sunday Palm Sunday

Families experience the excitement surrounding Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem.

The Last Supper The Last Supper

Guests will experience the significance of the Last Supper.

Gethsemane Gethsemane

The darkness and events at Gethsemane will move participants.

Good Friday Good Friday

Everyone will discover the tremendous sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for them.

Easter Resurrection Easter Resurrection

Participants will celebrate the joy of Jesus’ resurrection.

Preschool Option Preschool Option

There are extra options just for small children whose parents want them to enjoy a separate experience while the rest of the family Walks with Jesus.

Walk with Jesus - A Family Event for Easter

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