Have you ever wondered how you could easily reach thousands of households near your church?

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Mailing Services

Need help with mailing?

Save time and money with Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). It is affordable service provided by the USPS to send direct mail to households within specific Zip Codes. This service makes it easy to reach hundreds or even thousands of people in your area at a heavily discounted postage rate.

How it Works

We will design, print and distribute your custom postcards in one all-inclusive price. Sit back and relax as your mailers will arrive at households near your church shortly after approval.

1. Choose Your Design

Select a pre-designed template or let us create and print a custom design for you.

2. Choose Your Zones

Work with our Design Team to pick the targeted areas you want to reach that fits your budget.

3. Let Us Do The Rest

We will take care of the printing, processing and the mailing of your postcards.

Choosing Your Zones

Where should I send my postcards? Choosing your Carrier Routes is one of the most important steps in sending your direct mail piece. We want to make the decision less overwhelming and easier for you.

  • Start with neighborhoods closest to your church
  • The more households that reside within each Carrier Route will increase your printed quantity
  • Choose areas with families when promoting events like VBS
  • You know your community best! Think about your area and make decisions based on reaching as many people as possible

How Much Can I Expect to Pay?

An exact price quote will be e-mailed to you within 4-6 business hours after your initial request. Your quote is typically within $100-200 of the following amounts:

~1,000 Households

Starting at ~$600 Includes:
Postage: 17.7¢ per postcard
Printing: ~42.5¢ per postcard

~2,500 Households

Starting at ~$1,000 Includes:
Postage: 17.7¢ per postcard
Printing: ~22.5¢ per postcard

~5,000 Households

Starting at ~$1,500 Includes:
Postage: 17.7¢ per postcard
Printing: ~12.5¢ per postcard

All-Inclusive Pricing

Our pricing includes customizing your design, printing, and distributing your postcards. We’ll print and ship your postcards to your local post office for delivery to your local Carrier Routes. The number of households varies for each Carrier Route, so exact pricing will depend on your individual order. An exact quote will be available 24-48 hours after you submit your request.

Customization & Design


Shipping & Distribution

Mailing Services FAQs

No. After you approve your design, we will print the items and send them to your Post Office for distribution.
We will provide as many digital proofs as you would like before it is approved. A physical proof is not available. Unless you or someone you know lives within a Carrier Route, you may not see the final printed version.
Unfortunately we are not able to send any additional items to you. We print the exact number that matches the number of addresses in your Carrier Routes. All pieces are taken to the Post Office for delivery.
Within every Zip Code in the United States there are multiple Carrier Routes that contain a certain number of households.
You may send up to 5,000 postcards through EDDM.
We can provide the number of residential units and demographic information such as age range and household income.
Your postcard will be 6.5" x 9" with full-color printing on both the front and the back of your mailer.
Our pricing is all-inclusive with customization, design, printing and delivery combined into one low price. Pricing will vary based on your location and your Carrier Routes. The more households that reside within your Carrier Route, the more items that will need to be printed and stamped.
After you fill out the request form, a member of our Design Team will contact you to start the process. We will begin by choosing Carrier Routes (you will not be locked into these Carrier Routes if you choose to change them before finalization). A quote will be returned to you through email within 4-6 business hours.