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VBS Mission Project 2014

Your VBS can reach beyond borders when you incorporate a Mission Project. An easy and fulfilling way to involve kids in international mission efforts. Concordia Supply supports many international mission efforts including the organzations & programs listed below. We pray that an international mission component at your VBS brings life to your kids and volunteers as well as the children helped in other countries!

Kids-Empowering-Kids » South Sudan

The 2014 Project Goal -To educate and provide basic healthcare for the vulnerable children at the ELI christian school in South Sudan.

Who is Empowering Lives International? ELI is a Chrisitan non-profit organization working in East Africa that holistically empowers communities to be who God created them to be, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Instead of just giving “hand-outs” such as food or money, ELI trains people in how to grow their own food and create a living for themselves and their families.

ELI runs training centers, children’s homes, Christian schools, anti-alcohol programs, and other community development initiatives.


Free Downloadable Mission Pack & Posters

ELI Mission Pack

This Free Download Includes:
Coloring Sheets - Parent Take-Home Sheets
Director Instructions - Amazing Photos


Pack of 4 - Only $4.99

Professional 11x17 Posters
Includes 4 Full Color Posters

Operation Kid-to-Kid

This year's project is to raise money for water wells in India. The wells are being built for schools in India so children can have fresh water.

More information is given in the Group Starter Kit. There are components you can buy which help facilitate this project during your VBS. See those items here

Group Cares and Operation-Kid-to-Kid



VBS Mission Projects

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Includes everything you need to get kids involved in serving kids in Mexico. Create a Serving Hands wall with colorful hands and posters. Then follow the instructions in the leader's guide to help your VBS kids and team to make a difference in the lives of orphans living in Mexico.

50 Colorful Serving Hands Included

Backyard Fence Wall Mural Sold Separately


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Our price:  Free!

Description: This mission pack contain what you need to participate in an incredible opportunity to raise money and connect with children in Africa!

This VBS mission project will help raise money to support and feed children at the Empowering Lives International (ELI) school in South Sudan. These children are the poorest of the poor. Partner with ELI during your VBS!

Learn More about this Project and more about Empowering Lives.  Click Here

File Details: This product is a download file and is available immediately after checkout. File is a .zip folder which contains Re-producible PDF's:

  • Overview & Information for Director PDF
  • Building Block of Hope - Coloring Template Activity PDF
  • Parents Take Home Sheet PDF
  • Posters (available 3/9/14)


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Make missions meaningful with posters of real kids at the Empowering Lives School in the South Sudan.

Set of 4 posters
11 in. x 17 in.

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