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VBS Mission Projects 2015

Your VBS can reach beyond borders when you incorporate a Mission Project. An easy and fulfilling way to involve kids in international mission efforts. Concordia Supply supports many international mission efforts including the organzations & programs listed below. We pray that an international mission component at your VBS brings life to your kids and volunteers as well as the children helped in other countries!

Kid Empowering Kids 2015 | EmpoweringLives.org

Help Break the Cycle of Poverty - One Little Bag at a Time

Learn how Empowering Lives Internatioal (ELI) Trainings, your VBS, and these mini-grain bags can help change the world for families and children who are eager for life-changing skills and knowledge of a loving God.

The 2015 VBS Mission Project

Each child will use the “Mini-Grain Bags” to collect donations and empower the lives of countless impoverished families.

Why Bags? Every family in East Africa uses grain bags to store their food. This is a real and tangible way your kids can connect to kids in Africa. Kids can decorate and keep the mini-grain bags as a reminder.

Donations can be given online or via check after your VBS directly to empoweringlives.org

Concordia Supply is donating these bags for FREE to churches who are willing to participate in this Empowering Lives VBS 2015 Mission Project.

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ELI Mini-Grain Bags

Operation Kid-to-Kid

This year's project is to raise money for water wells in India. The wells are being built for schools in India so children can have fresh water.

More information is given in the Group Starter Kit. There are components you can buy which help facilitate this project during your VBS.

Group Cares and Operation-Kid-to-Kid


Back 2 Back Ministries

Learn more about here