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El Rey Que Viene  (The Coming King)
Spanish VBS 2014


Originally written in Spanish, The Coming King is the only VBS program available in both Spanish and bilingual (Spanish/English) formats. Plus, it includes all the materials you need to plan, promote, and produce a VBS event!

Perfectly adaptable to any setting and program size, The Coming King is designed to engage children ages 3 through 14, whether you’re hosting a VBS at your church or during your summer mission trip! Perfect for spanish ministries seeking high quality spanish content.

Leader's Pack (Starter Kit)

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Only $54.99 for the Leader Pack
Bilingual & Spanish Version Available

Paquete del líder

The Leader’s Pack includes all the promotional, planning, and teaching materials you’ll need, plus sample teacher and student materials for each age level and lesson.

Leader Pack contents include:

  • Reproducible Teacher Guide, which includes:
    • Lesson plans for all age levels
    • Lyrics and melody lines of 8 songs in Spanish and English
    • Invitations, flyers, and attendance certificates
    • Paper cutouts
    • Reproducible adult Bible studies
    • Closing program
  • 3 sets of 5 color posters for each day’s Bible story
  • Student worksheet samples for the three levels
  • 1 full-color promotional poster
  • Multimedia CD, which includes:
    • Songs, accompaniments, and narrations* for each day
    • Songbook and promotional material created with PowerPoint®, graphics, and more
* Recorded narrations are in Spanish only.

Music Samples

Jesus Comes He's the King (El Rey que viene) - Theme Song

Celebrate (Celebramos)

A Humble King (Un Rey Humilde)

All Praise to the King (Bendito el Rey)

He is Risen (Jesus resucitó)

The King Conquered Death (El Rey Venció)

Faith in the Lord (Fe en el Senor)

On the Road to Emmaus (Camino a Emaus)



Following in the footsteps of the well-known historian Ernie Quintillas, best friends Luis and Paolo set off on an adventure in search of dead kings and their tombs. Along the way, they find themselves back in New Testament times in Jerusalem where they come face to face with Jesus Himself! This summer, join Luis and Paolo on their adventure and learn how Jesus is the Savior of the world and the King who has come for you!

Printable PDF of Overview - Click to Download


Student Lessons

The lessons are divided into three student levels, each with age-appropriate activities.

  • Level 1: Ages 3–6
  • Level 2: Ages 7–10
  • Level 3: Ages 11–14


Lessons are sold in packets of 5.

Spanish: $15.49 Spanish
Bilingual: $17.49 (Side-by-side English/Spanish text)

Student Lessons

Daily Lessons

Lesson 1

Jesus Comes as King

Luke 19:28-40

Key Point: Jesus has come to save you!

Lesson 2

Jesus Conquers the Great Enemy: Sin

Luke 22:47–48; 23:32–56

Key Point: Jesus is victorious over sin!

Lesson 3

Jesus Breaks the Old Dominion of Death and Opens a New Kingdom of Life

Luke 24:1–12

Key Point: Because of Jesus, we can enjoy the new kingdom of life.

Lesson 4

Jesus Comes to Us in His Word and Holy Communion

Luke 24:13–35

Key Point: We are called to enjoy fellowship with the risen Lord.

Lesson 5

Jesus Brings His Kingdom through His Word

Acts 1:3–11

Key Point: We rejoice in the coming of the Kingdom through the Gospel!