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Praise Break - Abingdon Press VBS 2014 Theme

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Praise Break VBS - Celebrating the Works of God!

It’s time for a Praise Break! “Let the redeemed of the LORD say so . . .” Psalm 107:2a, NRSV)

Starter Kit - Praise Break VBS 2014


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The Praise Break VBS 2014 Starter Kit has everything needed to get started with a program that will help you celebrate the works of God! 

• Worship DVD including an introduction video, music videos, movement instructionals and demonstrations, liturgical dance video, and a mini-documentary 
• Guides for Leaders: Director's Manual; Preschool/Kindergarten, Younger & Older Elementary Bible Story Leaders; Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement, Heritage/Drama Leader, Recipe Guide, and Outreach/Follow-up Leader 
• Student Book samples: Preschool/Kindergarten (ages 3-5), Younger Elementary (Grades 1-3), Older Elementary (Grades 4-6), and Teen 
• Music CD

You will also find a sample (1 each) of exciting publicity and craft materials: 
• Craft Sticker Sheet 
• Promo Poster 
• Invitation Postcard 
• Leader Certificate 
• Student Certificate 
• Iron-On Transfer 
• Horse and Chariot Craft 
• Praise Break Chess Piece 

Order your kit today!

Music Samples » Praise Break VBS 2014

Listen to the music samples by clicking the links below.

Main Theme

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5

Track 6

Track 7

Track 8

Track 9

Track 10


A Music CD is included in the Starter Kit


Overview Video Praise Break VBS 2014

God has brought us a mighty long way, and it is always good to pause and praise the Lord! In many churches, there are points in worship wherein a testimony, a song, or a sermon is just so good that it calls for a "praise break!"

With Praise Break: Celebrating the Works of God, participants will:

  • Hear how people in the Bible had praise breaks!
  • Celebrate the faith of leaders, past and present!
  • Give praise for the "right now" works of God!
  • Have community fun in Jesus Christ!


Daily Bible Content

Discover God's Love in the Life of Jesus. The Bible Theme of the VBS is taken from 1 Corinthians 13 about the Love of God.

Summary of Bible Content:



Bible Content

Session 1


Exodus 14:31, 15:2, 20-21
Session 2

Faith & Prayer

Isaiah 38:1-5, 9, 19-21
Session 3


Luke 2:8-15
Session 4


Luke 15:8-10
Session 5


Mark 11:7-9, Luke 19:39-40

Images of Praise Break VBS!

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Praise Break VBS Abingdon 2014




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