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IncrediWorld VBS

IncrediWorld bag without bottle-150px.jpgIncrediWorld VBS Course Overview!

Each action-packed day begins with the Opening Assembly, a high-energy gathering complete with fun intros, lively songs, a missions moment, an Incredibles Time, and prayer.

Kids then rotate through the WOW Zone (Bible time), Craft Cove, Concession Stand, and Midway Games. Finally, everyone gathers together again for more singing, contest results, and the highly anticipated daily drama.

What makes Answers VBS program different from other Vacation Bible Schools?

Browse ProductsTwo words: Real life.

In this day and age, it’s vital that we teach our children that the Bible is more than just a dusty book of stories. We need to show them God’s Word connects to every area of our lives and is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago, so they will know its amazing message of salvation is true!

With IncrediWorld Amazement Park, children will learn about our amazing Creator God and His incredible world! They'll discover that God's fingerprint can be seen throughout His creation as they explore the amazingly designed features in the animal kingdom. And they'll uncover His plan of salvation that unfolded in Genesis and continued with Jesus's death and Resurrection.

Our Goal

Music SamplesIf you asked the children of your church and community how they felt about the Bible, what would their response be? Would they consider the Word of God relevant to their lives and interesting to learn from? Or would it seem irrelevant and trumped by “science”?

A recent survey by America’s Research Group revealed that an alarming number of young people are leaving the church after they graduate because their questions about the Bible had not been answered. Respondents indicated that Sunday School materials were shallow and irrelevant. Of those polled, 86% had begun to question the Bible by their high school years. Of those who said they did not believe all the accounts in the Bible are true, 82% cited doubts about the Bible’s authority or its trustworthiness.

We trust that the Lord will use this VBS to help reverse this sad trend by equipping today’s children with the answers they seek. We have designed IncrediWorld Amazement Park to provide solid Bible-based teaching, delivered in a fun and entertaining way, that counters the misinformation about the Bible and science that children encounter daily.

Daily Bible Points

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Title/Bible Content

Creation Day: Back to the Beginning

Worldview Day: Wear Your BIBLE Glasses

Gospel Day: The Ticket to Heaven

Design Day: A Closer Look at God's Handiwork

Dino Day: Let's Clear Up the Confusion

Bible Passages

Genesis 1–2:3

Genesis 1
Proverbs 1:7

Genesis 1–3 and Selected Scriptures

Selected Scriptures

Job 40–41


How long ago was the time when time began?

What in the world is a worldview?

Can your view of creation affect your view of the gospel?

Does every creature have a Creator?

Are dinosaurs in the Bible?

Memory Verse

Exodus 20:11

John 17:17

Romans 10:9 (J/P)
Acts 16:31 (Pre–P/T)

Psalm 111:1–2


Job 40–41

Echo Phrase

In six short days, everything was made!

The Bible says it. That settles it!

Admit, Believe, Forever Receive!

It couldn't just happen. God made them that way!

Behemoth and Leviathan, they lived at the time of man!


EXTREME! Record breakers (Rex the T. rex)

SQUISHED! Bottom of the ocean animals (Glowy the lantern fish)

HOT! Volcano/Desert animals (Fenwick the fennec fox)

FREEZING! Arctic animals (Terner the Arctic tern)

HUMUNGOUS! Large animals (Seismo the seismosaurus)

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