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GamePlan - Mega Sports Camp VBS 2014

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Arrow Island VBS - Choosing God's Way!

Today’s world is full of choices!
Too often Biblical principles are separated from the choices we make. This VBS will equip your students to choose God’s way in every detail of their lives—all while exploring an island full of exciting tropical habitats!

GamePlan VBS 2014 Starter Kit

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Overview Mega Sports Camp - VBS 2014

MEGA Sports Camp is a church-led, volunteer-friendly outreach that engages elementary kids Grades 1-5 (or 6), while teaching them biblical principles.

Why do kids like it? Because it's fun! MEGA Sports Camp is an active outreach. Kids don't just sit and listen to someone talk about the Bible. They have a chance to play a fun sport, like football, while learning biblical principles. Having fun makes learning easy!

Why do pastors like it? It's flexible and easy-to-use, it doesn't break the budget, and the sports attract kids that don't even go to church.

It will change your kids, your church, and your community!

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Plan your own MEGA Sports Camp with the Game Plan Starter Kit. You get everything you need to coach soccer, basketball, and cheerleading! Flag football and baseball are also available as a separate purchase. Offer as few or as many sports as you wish—MEGA Sports Camp curriculum is flexible.

For Head Coaches*
Cheerleading Playbook
Soccer Playbook
Basketball Playbook
*Flag Football Playbook & Baseball Playbook sold separately

For Huddle Coaches
Coach Huddle Guide
Evangelism Keepers

For the Director
Director Guide
Director DVD & CD-ROM
Poster Pack (8)

For Rally and Music Coaches
Rally Guide
Music & Media DVD and CD

For Kids
Sports Flash
Theme Keepers
Welcome to Holsom: Adventures in Faith
Sports Bottle with Gospel Ball
Magnetic Photo Frame

Director Guide

Complete directions for planning and running your camp. Includes scheduling, checklists, publicity, registration, how-tos on every segment of the camp, safety, recruiting, training, reproducible pages for your staff, and more. Check out the at-a-glance overview for an easy way to see what's new.

Rally Guide

Complete instructions for leading every rally. The Rally Guide gives song suggestions from the Media & Music DVD & CD, captivating object lessons, sports stories, and Bible stories. Order one for every Music and Rally Coach.

Director DVD & CD-ROM

Action-packed commercials help you recruit volunteers and get kids excited. Plus, an overview segment tells you what a day at camp looks like, explains what's in the kit, the theme, and how to recruit volunteers. BONUS! A CD-ROM with tons of printable forms and signs is included, along with PowerPoint® slides.

Coach Huddle Guide

Tells Huddle Coaches what to share in their group—a story from their lives and the day's MEGA Point. It also includes tips on building relationships with kids and helping them memorize the MEGA Verse.


Outlines a complete schedule of drills and fundamentals for each Sports Session, including step-by-step instructions and simple illustrations. Order one for every Head Coach (we suggest that you have one Head Coach for every 16 kids).
Baseball & Football Playbooks available as a separate purchase.

Music & Media DVD and Music CD

Lead kids in praising God during Rally Time and year-round with these upbeat songs. The DVD features Coach segments for every Rally Time and sing-along lyrics. Songs include: Game Plan, DNA, I Can’t Becomes I Can, Trust His Plan, Jeremiah 29:11.

Audio Samples

1 Game Plan MP3
2. Jeremiah 29:11 MP3
3. DNA MP3
4. I Can't Becomes I Can MP3
5. Trust His Plan MP3

MEGA Sports Camp T-Shirt

You'll be able to quickly identify kids involved in your camp, especially when you're outside or in public places. 100% cotton. Preshrunk jersey.

Sports Flash

Kids love these full-color take-home papers. Each day features an exciting sports story and a Welcome to Holsom comic strip to reinforce the day's MEGA Point. Includes one each of the five take-home papers.

Poster Pack

Includes posters for daily MEGA Point, MEGA Verse, and announcing your camp. 8 posters.

10 3/4" x 16" each.

MEGA Sports Camp
Bottle and Gospel Ball

Set includes Sports Bottle and a colorful MSC Gospel Ball (also sold separately), the perfect way to share the gospel message with kids. Bottle has screw-on lid with flip-top. Blue. Holds 26 ounces.

10 1/4" tall.

Magnetic Photo Frame

It's two magnets in one! Pop out the inner magnet and place a child's photo behind the outer magnet to make a fun frame. A great take-home prize or award. Features MEGA Verse.

3 1/2" x 4 1/2".

Includes banners, certificates, MEGA Verse, logos, Holsom characters, parent page, postcards, and more. CD-ROM.

Welcome to Holsom® Adventures in Faith

Welcome to Holsom: Adventures in Faith instantly draws kids in with "Whoa, that was cool!" comic book art and a "Hurry, turn the page!" story about Hugh's personal tranformation from budding thief to follower of Jesus. Along the way, your kids will learn the vital practices of Christian living like prayer, witnessing, baptism, Bible study, and friends/reputation. 32 pages.

5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Cheer Training DVD and Bonus CD-ROM

This DVD shows the moves, stunts, chants, routines, and cheers from the Cheerleading Playbook, PLUS all the Game Plan theme cheers that aren't in the Playbook. Use it for simple, no-hassle sessions. A bonus CD-ROM includes printable step-by-step actions!

Cheer Music CD

Pump up the energy with songs for chants, routines, and cheers. This CD features songs from the Cheer Training DVD, so your coach and kids can learn the motions to the same songs they'll be performing to. Your final celebration performance will rouse the whole crowd! Plus kids may want to take home this CD to practice the skills they've learned.
Theme Keepers

Send these fun collectibles home with kids each day. Shows daily MEGA Point on one side and MEGA Verse on back. Set includes enough for five kids (six Theme Keepers per kid).

Evangelism Keepers

Full-color images help you tell God's plan for eternal life during Rally Time. Back shares simple statements, Bible verse references and prayer.




GamePlan VBS 2014 - Mega Sports Camp




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