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Sunday School Curriculum By CPH

Growing in Christ

In a Growing in Christ Sunday School classroom, children hear the Good News of Christ's death and resurrection in every lesson and are exposed to a substantial scope of Bible stories from early on! Coordinating your Sunday School program is simple with Growing in Christ.

Overview of Growing in Christ

A traditional classroom Sunday School for all ages

Growing in Christ follows a same-age classroom model so students learn and grow in faith alongside their peers. Together, they explore the Bible, draw connections to the Small Catechism, and learn the traditions of the Lutheran Church.


Quick Facts

Age Levels:2 years-Adult
Scope & Sequence: 3 years Download
Format: Same-age classroom
Lesson Length: 50+ minutes

How it Works

Flexible lesson layouts and easy-to-use materials make Growing in Christ perfect for classrooms of all sizes and students of all ages. Each lesson is divided into four steps that reinforce the Bible story using different teaching techniques.


10+ minutes

Welcome the students, prepare their hearts for Sunday School, and introduce the week’s Scripture verse and Bible story.

God Speaks

20+ minutes

Get to the heart of the Bible teachings and engage students with age-appropriate discussions, skits, and posters.

We Live

15+ minutes

Give students a hands-on way to learn and internalize the Bible story through crafts, games, discussions, and more.


5+ minutes

End each week with a review of the lesson and Scripture verse before closing with any final thoughts and prayer.

Scope & Sequence

Fall 2016 - God Provides Judges and a King

PDF Download Scope & Sequence



Get the whole family involved!

Encourage parents to use our Explore More Cards to keep the Bible lessons going throughout the whole week! With great discussion topics and ideas for activities, the whole family can learn about God's Word together. Each card includes a picture of the Bible story on one side and questions for family discussion on the reverse side.

Explore More Cards

Explore More Cards


Growing In Christ

Summer Sunday School

Summer Sunday School is a topical quarter that contains elements from both Growing in Christ and Cross Explorations, offering the flexibility you want for the busy summer months.

New for 2016

Pray, Pray & Give Thanks: Jesus Teaches Us to Pray

With a fun county fair theme intertwined, Pray, Pray and Give Thanks helps students search thirteen Old & New Testament Bible stories to learn about the Lord's Prayer all summer long.

  • Level A Teacher Guide (Preschool–Grade 2)
  • Level B Teacher Guide (Grades 3–6)
  • All-age Student Leaflet
Summer Lessons

Quick Facts

Age Levels: Early childhood–Grade 6
Number of Lessons 13
Format Same-age classroom or large/small group
Lesson Length 50+ minutes