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One Starry Night: A Churchwide Christmas Event for Families
Bring the Christmas Story to Life. Experience Mary and Joseph's journey to the manger at this churchwide Christmas event for families.

Effective Outreach: Invite your church family and community to a Christmas experience where participants do more than just hear about the birth of Jesus—they'll see, touch, feel, and smell what life was like during this miraculous time.

Organized & Flexible: Includes everything you need to plan, prepare, and recruit. Step-by-step instructions help you create a spectacular you-are-there Bible adventure. It's easy enough to use anytime during the Christmas season, so YOU can enjoy the holiday, too.

Fun & Memorable: Families will journey through Bethlehem and create Bible-times crafts at a variety of stations, including The City Gate, The Marketplace, Stargazer Hill, The Census Taker’s Office, The Palace, The Inn, and The Stable.

One Starry Night

9780764470769-OSN-DirectorManCover-hr-150x150.jpgQuick view
Item #: 9780764470769
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One Starry Night Director Manual
Bring Mary and Joseph's journey to the manger to life... This Director Manual will show you how!

Inside this book you'll find everything you need to plan and prepare your event (and still enjoy your Christmas season!):
  • Step-by-step instructions with field-tested tips and advice
  • Easy-to-follow plans for recruiting, training, and empowering a small team of leaders to oversee the event
  • Tear-out guidebooks for specific leadership roles
  • Helpful timeline, forms, diagrams, and job descriptions to keep your team organized and on budget
  • Creative strategies for staging and publicizing your event and sharing God's love with your guests
  • Answers to FAQs about One Starry Night
  • And much more!
  • 9780764470769

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    9780764475429-OSN-One Starry Night_CD-150x150.jpgQuick view
    9780764475429-OSN-One Starry Night_CD-450x450.jpg
    Item #: 9780764475429
    Our price: $6.99
    CD-ROM ClipArt and Sound Effects

    This CD has everything you need to make your One Starry Night event a hit--music, sound effects, and great clip art. You'll have fingertip access to clip art for decorations and promotion items, sounds for each station, awe-inspiring music, and more!

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    851445008348- OSN- PILLOW COVERS KIT-150x150.jpgQuick view
    851445008348- OSN- PILLOW COVERS KIT-450x450.jpg
    Item #: 851445008348
    Our price: $27.99
    Canvas Pillow Covers Kit
    These canvas pillow covers are ready for decoration and even have a place for families to put a keepsake photo to remember their experience at your church. Kit includes 12 pillow covers, fabric markers, and a protective tablecloth…all you need is stuffing for the pillows. (Need 1 per child or family)

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    851445015636-OSN-Double Wood Catch-It Kit-150x150.jpgQuick view
    851445015636-OSN-Double Wood Catch-It Kit-450x450.jpg
    Item #: 851445015636
    Our price: $24.99
    Double Wood Catch-It Kit
    This challenging catch-the-ball game lets kids create a personalized, long-lasting game in the bustling Marketplace of Bethlehem. Kit comes with 12 sturdy wooden Catch-Its, paint, brushes, paint pans, and a tablecloth. (Need 1 per child or family)

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    851445022825-OSN-Stellar Constellation Viewer Kit-150x150.jpgQuick view
    851445022825-OSN-Stellar Constellation Viewer Kit-450x450.jpg
    Item #: 851445022825
    Our price: $23.99
    Stellar Constellation Viewer Kit
    On Stargazer Hill, kids join the shepherds as they explore constellations in the nighttime sky with their custom-made star viewers. The kit includes 12 star viewers ready for construction, brads, glue, tablecloth, paint, brushes, and paint pans. All you need is something to poke holes for constellations. (Need 1 per child or family)

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    646847168062-OSN-Wandering Toy Sheep Kit-150x150.jpgQuick view
    646847168062-OSN-Wandering Toy Sheep Kit-450x450.jpg
    Item #: 646847168062
    Our price: $13.99
    Wandering Toy Sheep Kits
    A wooden toy for every girl and boy! With this creative craft kit, kids have a blast adding colorful designs and cotton balls to create their own Wandering Toy Sheep. Supply an egg-beater style drill, and children can even make holes to add wheels.
    Includes 10 wooden sheep and 10 sets of interlocking wheels.

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    Item #: 9781470704353
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    Bible Memory Makers®
    These keepsakes are printed with special Scriptures, reminders of daily Bible Points. Order 1 set per participant!

    Each day at your Hometown Nazareth VBS, every person receives a special Bible Memory Maker--a Scripture reminder of what it means to follow Jesus. During the closing Hometown Huddle, the Tribe Leader presents the Bible Memory Makers in a unique, affirming way.

    No one will want to be left out during these special moments. That's why you'll want each person to have their own set of Bible Memory Makers.

    Quantity Discounts:
    1-49 sets $3.09 each
    50-99 sets $2.89 each
    100+ sets $2.69 each

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    9780764475375-OSN-Family-Time Devotion Bklt-150x150.jpgQuick view
    9780764475375-OSN-Family-Time Devotion Bklt-450x450.jpg
    Item #: 9780764475375
    Our price: $9.99
    Family-Time Devotions Booklet
    This engaging, doable, and family-friendly resource is packed with 10 simple devotional activities families can use together at home to keep their faith conversations going. (Need 1 per family)
    Package of 10

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    9780674475382-150x150.jpgQuick view
    Item #: 9780764475382
    Our price: $9.99
    Follow-Up Foto Frames
    Delight guests with this cool keepsake gift from your church. Just insert their photo from One Starry Night, add a message, and mail or hand-deliver it. And be sure to write a special note inviting them back to your church! (Need 1 per family)
    Package of 10

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